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iRacing 2.0

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Już można pobrać najnowszy update.

2011 Impala B

- The new B class Impala (Nascar Nationwide COT car) is now available as an update to the older Nationwide car. They are distributed together as a single package, so if you own the current Nationwide car you will automatically get the new one in this update. If not, simply purchase the Nationwide car and you will get both. The new car has an updated aerodynamic model which more accurately reproduces the high speed response to setup changes. The suspension geometry and some suspension elements are also updated, giving more accurate response when running coil-bind setups as well as conventional setups.

- The new Impala B car also has a new, more accurate tire model. This is a preview version of the iRacing 2.0 tire model; there are a few known issues (lack of tire smoke being the most visible), but the tires' response is very close to what you will experience when the model is complete. The heavy, high-speed Nascar oval cars work the tires very hard, so be aware that overdriving the car, or pushing too hard, will be costly in terms of laptime and tire life. That said, we think you will enjoy them!


- We have revised all cars for race ending suspension damage. Previously every car would not be allowed to continue a race if it suffered 100% damage to any corner's suspension, which could be very frustrating because you could destroy your suspension and not realize it and your race is over. Now, just about every car can always have it's suspension repaired effectively enough to keep driving. The exceptions that can still have a race ended for excessive suspension damage are the Dallara IndyCar and Lotus 79, but these cars can also have a small amount of damage repaired, while the Williams FW31 can't have any suspension damage repaired at all.

Old Impala B

- Updated some fixed setups.


- The new tire model is very susceptible to sustaining mysterious unexpected amounts of damage from wall corners and seams. We have made some improvements to many tracks to reduce the chance of having these weird invisible collisions against certain spots in the walls at many tracks, but there may still be spots against walls where you may find the 2011 Impala B blowing a wheel out unexpectedly. We'll be working on improving this by the time we do a full release of the new tire model.


- Removed Lowes logos.


- Add gained time checkpoints at Okayama to prevent cutting of pit entrance apex.

Bug Fixes

- Don't do any further tech inspections on a car once it has started a race.

- Fix bug where tech inspection could lock you out of your car if you were in the garage when the warmup ends and the race begins

- Corrected a bug in fixed setup races where you could cause the sim to load the last used non-fixed setup.

- Make the fixed setup button show properly in garage.

- Only lock a car that is too damaged to continue in the pits if it isn't moving while it passes through the pit stall.

- Must let pitstop begin when car is unrepairable if there is a fast repair available.

- Fixed a bug where the pit speed limiter would keep the throttle cut and cause a stalled motor if locking up the drive wheels from braking hard.

- Fix bug involving selecting cars to view which have leading zeroes in their number.
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