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Bitwa na topie kierownic: AccuForce, Leo Bodnar, OSW. Chętni do budowy?

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OSW działa

Melduje ze zadanie zostalo wykonane, zbudowalem OSW
Jak napisałem w moim angielskim podsumowaniu (poniżej), jazda z Logitech G27 była jak przy zaparowanych szybach, z OSW kryształ

Obrazek z budowy w zalaczeniu.

Niestety wszystko o OSW jest po angielsku. Yunak:

OSW really works Next positive testimonial. After evaluating different options I decided to build OSW totally on my own. Finally I was able to close the total budget below 1100USD. Not sure if it will work for everybody as I had plenty of stuff in my basement which I happily reused. I was little afraid to order something in China but everything was ok.
I probably could be in the leading pack for cost optimization but as you see in the figure, size and internal construction might be far from beautiful models already presented (after this experience I would probably change some things..). The main factor which determined the construction, was huge power supply I purchased on auctions for 60USD. True, it is second hand but it is Telco grade 48V from Siemens (I believe it was from PBX shelf) and it could deliver up to 30A . Then of course I needed to add separate PS for 12V, 24V more fans but that was no cost just basement-sourcing. To make whole thing more fancy I added voltmeter and ammeter (this one supposed to show current taken by all components but it does not work well for Mig servo, I suspect that current is to variable). Another fancy addition is cheap car thermometer I can check temperature of internal components, so far my 48V baby is cold like stone .
Wiring looks little messy but I checked everything triple times with ohmmeter and everything started to work since first kick. I was paranoid about grounding, emission etc. Anyway I recommend to be patient exactly follow guides and not jump over described steps.
Driving experience? I confirm it is great. If I would compare that to my previous G27 wheel, it was like driving with fogged windows, you see something but all details are blurred. With OSW now it is crystal clear, probably it is even more detailed than real driver could get (inertia, slacks in steering system etc) but I think it is ok as real drivers could get feedback from other senses..
Good luck with building yours
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